Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Unique Story

What I think that separates me from the crowd would be that I’m not follower like most people. I like doing things on my own. Another thing that keeps me different is that I’m a loving person. I like helping friends that I think need help getting off bad things… I would want to be remembered as a good friend to those I care about. And those I love in my life my parents, sisters, ♥ MI REYNA♥ and last but not least my animals. I say the nicest thing that I’ve done is help people that needed my help. I don’t know why I like helping other people it just makes my heart feel better. I would say because of the history of my life is a sad story.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Letter To the President

If I had to write to the president of USA about my concerns on the oil spill in the ocean is that he needs to do something about it because all of our animals are dying in the sea and it hurts me that their dying because I wish I can go out there to help them out. Because when I grow up I want to become a vet. If I could I would go over there and try saving every single one of the birds or animals that need help. I’ve seen in the new that those birds can’t even walk because there covered in oil. And I would want to tell you that if you could do something to make it stop. Because their won’t be any animals left to show my kids or my grandchildren. and i would also tell him to do the best he can so that he can try to seal the pipe cause its getting our ocean dirty and nasty. i don't think that we are gonna be able to clean up all the oil that the pipe has left ous cause its all gonna go in the middle of the ocean and it could stay there forever and every lol. haha and thats what i would write about.

What I Learned In Summer School

I have learned a lot of stuff during summer school. Like I learned to check my work on the computer and go back and read over my work to make sure there are no errors on my work. And Mr. Ley has taught me that I can do long essays. By not caring how long the essay is. It’s that I need to focus on my work and I could get my job done. And not talk as much because I won’t get my work done like I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. Now that I learned to do my work myself on the blogs I’ve learn to type up to 800 word essays and hoping to make it up to 1,500 words in the future. And in this class I learned that my voice can change the future because we students are the future for our world. We can start by saying something about the oil spill that’s happening right now. That’s killing all of our nature habitat and our way to live. Because all of our sea animals are dying and were not doing about it cause the people can’t do anything to stop the oil spill. And it’s getting mad because we have so much technoagy do a lot of stuff but we can stop the oil coming out of a pipe? Well I think that’s weird and stupid< first of all why would the oil companies drill a hole in the ocean when it’s not even their land to start off with and why didn’t they do it with care so all of this mess wouldn’t be happening right now.

I’ve also learned to go to and write my opinion about the topics that are on the web site and my voice can change the world. I would like to change the world so that I can make it a better place for everyone. The way we live the way of life basically to make sure that everyone has the right to do what they want in life. And just make sure that the people live their lives at their fullest al 100 as we say in Spanish.

Well out of everything I’ve learned in my summer school class I would say the best thing I learned is to believe in myself and not do what others have to say or think. And if I can focus I can get the job done at the right time. If I do it right

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Should Students Wear Uniforms

I had to pick a side on if we should wear a uniform to school I would pick that we shouldn’t have to. Because I think that teenagers our age should have the right to wear what they want. Because at my age they like to wear clothes that have style and get looks. I’ll say that people will agree with me because I’m right. And other people will say that I’m wrong. Because they will say that they might not have the money to buy their children the clothes that they want. Or they may not have a job to so port the money to buy the clothes. Like I looked up in the web this is what people said…. Should Students Wear Uniforms?

All said and done, the uniform is not only apparel; it is the identity of the child till a certain time. How many cases have we heard when a lost child was recognized not by their 'baby blue eyes' or 'brunette bangs at the side' but by their dirtied uniforms?
I Cards may be lost or stolen, other school tags may be thrown away by run-away children, but the uniform will always stay.
The uniform also maintains oneness and equality amongst the school children. There are times when students from varied socio-economic backgrounds study at the same school. It is at such times that the common identities these uniforms give come in handy.
Wearing a uniform is helpful even in later life. Students wearing a uniform all their educational years will have no qualms about coming to office wearing the corporate uniform - formal wear, tie and jacket.
Though the uniform is the visualization of discipline, even discipline is not wrong till a certain age. Therefore, children should be kept under discipline, and therefore, in a uniform till they become majors, and that is when they can make their own decisions.
Therefore, it will only be safe to not only allow, but ensure that every child leaving home is properly attired in his or school uniform for safety. And progress.

So what do I got to say to this is that I think that we should not if we have a good school that has securities and cameras that can take care of us that’s basically all we need so that we can secure our identities and stuff. And if I tell all the students at my school they would probably say the same thing as I do cause they would want to wear different from everyone else. And they would want to wear whatever they want to and not just the same uniform every single day. They would get bored from it.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mystery Story

Monday, June 7, 2010

Accomplish In My Life

Bucket List:
• Children
• House
• Cars
• Education
• Animals
• Family
• Money
• Dreams
• High School
• Collage
• Life
• Fame
• Drug
• Pool
• Planes
• Jet
• Mansion
• Boat
• Jet skis
• Four-wheeler
• Srt-8, 10 or FORD BOSS 5.4
 • Cloths
• Shoes
• Style
• Pet tiger or lion

Things that I want to accomplish in life would be to? Finish high school so that I can make life way easier and so that I can get a better job when I get older. And when I’m finish with high school I want to go off to college because when I grow up I want to get a good career. And when I’m in my mid 20’s I want to have a good family. And I would also want to be a good dad for my kids. Because I feel like that is important because I didn’t know my dad till I was 8 or 9 years old and it sucks growing up without one. So when I have children I’m always going to be there for them no matter what in including wife.

Another thing that I want to accomplish in life is that I want to buy my dream cars and house. My dream truck Is a ford BOSS. I like those trucks because there was only a couple made in the U.S. I also want it because they are very nice trucks and their crazy fast. My dream home would be to live in a mansion with hundreds of acres where I can just have my own private place to chill with the family. And I have all the cars I have ever wanted in my life. I would also have like a farm with all kinds of animals. I would want my kids to ride horses and have animal that they could enjoy when there little.

The next thing I would like to accomplish is to live old enough so that I can see my grandchild’s. Because I think it would be important if they know me better .and I could tell them story about me from when I was young. And what’s going on my life as in right now in 2010. I would also tell them what’s good or bad, give them advice on not to do drugs. And be careful with aids and the diseases there is now days.

One last thing I would like to accomplish is to jump off a plane. I’ve always wanted to jump off one. Because I want to see how it feels to get a lot of speed in the air and just do a lot of tricks in mid air. And this is the things I would want to accomplish in life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Avatar Movie Relates To In Real Life

Avatar is a really good movie. I liked it because it was about stuff that is happening in our life today. One of the things that it relates to is like the hoe the white people came here to the American when the Native Americans lived here. And the white came over to take over there land and take out the best of the Indians stuff like their land. They would also try to separate their families and wildlife. Like for example they had like 2000 buffalos and they killed like 1800 and just left 200 so that they could go away and not come back. And Europeans think that everything is theirs and they want it all to them self. Even though they weren’t the first people to find it.

Another thing that this movie reminds me of is that the normal people had this little rock shaped thing that they said that people pay millions to get. And that reminded me of like when the oil companies just go to no one’s land like in the middle of the ocean and just drill holes and take oil out and then they go out to the world and sell it. Like if they were the ones to grow that stuff but they don’t so why do they have the right to sell it if it wasn’t theirs in the first place… that was the dinosaurs and plants from thousands of years ago that transform to what we call today ‘oil’ so I don’t know why they’re out there selling it to us for like 3 dollars a gallon. When all they did is just go in the middle of the ocean and just sucked it up from the earth’s land. Which it wasn’t even theirs to begin with.

The other thing it reminds me of is of the rain forest. The rain forest is important to our life because it produces 60 percent of our oxygen. And miles and miles are being cut down every day. And it is killing our animals and animals that we haven’t yet find out that they exist in our world. We human find at least two new species a day so if we don’t cut down the forest in South America we can find new animals or plants every day. That’s the thing this movie relates to from my point of view.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When I Went To The Church

Here is a story that I have really live through. One cold winter night me, Jeremy and pollo went out one night to go partying. But after we went partying we were all bored just cruise around town till I told the boy if they wanted to go to the satanic church. And they told me yeah but I could see in Jeremy’s eyes that he was a little bit scared to go. So then on our way over there we stopped at a gas station so that I can put gas in my mom’s truck. So we got on the street that we were so post to go on so it could take us to the church. And I told the boys if they wanted to get down and walk inside the church and pollo said he will because he doesn’t believe in ghost. And Jeremy said he didn’t want to that he wants to go back home and I was like are you serious we drove all the way up here for nothing and he said that he didn’t care.

I could see in his eyes that he didn’t want to get off because he was scared. So I told him lets get off so we can just take a look at the church. So we finally got him out of the truck. As we were walking to the church I could see dead dogs laying down on the floor with blood stains all over I was kind of scared to tell you the truth. And pollo was thinking he was all that and he was trying to scare us. And I could see like shadows moving around and there is a cross upside down that’s the thing that scared the living shit out of me. And so we kept walking and I heard some noises that I think sounded like get away from here or something like that. I just ignore it because I thought it was my brain hearing thing so I told Jeremy if he heard it and he told me he did so that’s when I realized that I’m not the only one hearing things. And I turned on my phones flash so we can see where were going. And we finally got to the church and I could see a lot of like white things flying around the church. The other thing I saw was a big star like thing in the middle of the church and next to it was a cross with Jesus on it upside down and I was like ‘shit’ and pollo looked like he was going to cry from how scared he was.

And out of now where pollo says stop touching me and me and Jeremy were all like we not touching you. And I guess he saw that we weren’t doing anything to him and he got scared and he told us to go back because someone was touching him and I was like no I want to stay here a little bit longer. And we did but then I was scared and I wanted to leave so we did and when I dropped them off I went home and laid down on my bed and I imagine that someone was in my closet and I just got under the cover and close my eyes till I went to sleep. And this is my story.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why I'm Here In this World

Why I’m here. I’m here because I have a job to do on earth I have to become a special person in this world. Well I should start off by saying who I am. I’m David J Alvarado Nevarez I want to become a vet when I grow up because that’s the kind of stuff I like to do. I like to help animal when they need help for example I have dog at my home and when they get hurt I help them out. Like one day my dogs got in a fight and my little puppy was bleeding and had like a broken leg and I cured him. And I would want to do the same with other people’s animals or pets. I’ve always like to work with animals because that’s my thing I just have a good feeling when I help them. And the nice face that they give you when you cure them it’s like they tell you thank you.:)

And if that doesn’t work out for me I would want to be a doctor. I would want to become one of those ones that are all famous that work on celebrities and important people. I would also want to be a doctor so that I can save our kind. Give poor people the proper care they need and not charge them anything because I got a big heart and I would want to help as many as I can possibly can.

 If I ever get rich in my life I would give some of my money to the people in Africa because I’ve seen the T.V commercial where the little Africans children need our help so that they can live and have a better future. Because one of them might find the cure for aids or some disease that they might have in their country or anywhere else in the world. That’s why I’m here in this world so that I can help people and animals that’s my special thing to do in life

The Haiku

I Enjoy Money
I Like Spending It With Girls
They Seem To Like That

I Am Poem

I am: a loyal boy who has a good heart
I wonder: If there is a girl out there like me
I hear: poeple saying my name
I see: a gorgous girl staring into my eyes
I want: a beautiful kiss from her sexy lips
I am: a loyal boy who has a good heart

I pretend: I am happy but, down inside I'm dieing
I feel: the sun shining down on ous
I touch: her heart
I worry: that she won't be by my side
I cry: when we fight
I am: a loyal boy who has a good heart

I understand: that I won't always be by her side
I say: we Should be happy when we are together
I dream: about you every night
I try: to be the man of your dreams
I hope: we will always be together
I am: a loyal boy who has a good heart

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Dirty Ocean

Life is getting dirty here in my ocean. I used to be able to float around in the water and just be chill but now I can’t because there is so much oil in the water now these days. I’m all covered up in oil and I can barley even fly now because I feel so greasy and oily. My chicks are waiting for me at my nest and I can’t find a way to get all this oil off of me. I was lying down in the beach floor when a group of humans came up to me and put me in a little plastic cage. I thought to myself that I was going to die. But they took me to a room where I saw a lot of other animal from the ocean. They took me a shower not just one but two or three time. That’s how much grease I had on me. After they took me a shower they dried me with a towel and then put me in a other room filled with other words of my kind. And at the end of the day they let us all go back into our normal habitat. Now I can go feed my chicks and go back to the normal routines and now I won’t make the same mistake and go back to the dirty water I used to go swim in.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Sophomore Year

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I’ve learned a lot this year. I didn’t know that I would be this mature. And I actually did my work in English class. I should start off my saying thank you to all my teachers because they were all great teachers. Well I learned to be more careful with my grades because high school is not a joke. It actually reflect s you on your future. I learned how to speak better also because in my English class we had to stand up and speak loud and strong. Also that I need to stop staying I can’t do it because that brings me more negative ideas to my head and I won’t do it. Now I can believe in myself and I would do much better in my work, so thanks Mr. Leh.

What I learned while growing up is if people tell you, you can’t do something or become someone not to listen to them because they just put you down. I’ve been a real responsible person in my life I take care of my little sisters including Diana she is like my little sister. We are really good friends even if I met her this year were kind of close to each other. And I know that one that in this earth is going to help me through life. So I got to keep myself in check and made sure I’m doing the right thing in life. And my real friend in this world would b my mom and dad. And my voice means a lot in my family because I’ve always been a mama’s boy. My mom cares and loves me just like I do to her.

I have met a really special person in my life her name is Jasmelly. She is really cool and outgoing, she is my girlfriend. I really like her!!! My power in this world would be me because I feel like I can become who ever I want in this life as long as I try and not give up. My place in this world is in my family. I am a brother to two sisters and a son of my parents. I’m really glad to have my family because I don’t know what I would do without them their basically my whole life

I come from a very special family. My families are from México they are what white people call them illegal aliens. But we don’t really care what they have to think because our family is strong and they can here to make a better future for their children. I want to go as far as I can think because I want to become a important person in this world like a famous vet or a doctor because I love to help others. Ever since I was a little boy I liked to help animals. I remember when I was a little boy I would go out during the day to see if I can find a dog to play doctor with. So that is my child hood when I was a little boy but now I’m all grown up.

I’m going to tell you guys a little bit more about my life. My life has been good so far. I am a sophomore at ATRISCO HERITAGE ACADEMY. I also have the best girlfriend in the world her name is Jasmelly. You could say that she is my everything I like spending time with her because it goes by so fast. And we ‘love’ each other <3. I also like to spend time with my family because they are important to me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My First Truck :)

When I got my first truck, was when I was in Rio Grande High School. I was in 9th grade a fresh man. I was so happy to get it because I had always wanted a sport’s truck and it was fixed up to race (: I like racing because I like the way speed feels. And I also like to fix cars or trucks up so that they could look cool. My truck had a lot of custom details to it. That I actually put on myself. Like I put a bad ass sound system in it that shook up my whole house and you can hear me from a mile away. I also put rims in it so that it could have some style. Including chrome parts like where you open the door in the handle. And the front lights I put them after market so that the truck could look better and I could see way better at night. And the tail light I bought some after market that made it look even better. And I bought some upgrades for the engine I got it a intake system, Holley projection carburetor, and some racing shocks that dropped the beast and mad it control better and look better also. I remember beating camaro z28 and a mustang 5.0 and a couple of little cars out in the street. The only trucks I raced that have beat me were a ford lightning and a dodge ram SRT-10. And I say because they have supercharger and the ram has a way bigger engine. But I really didn’t care because I was happy that I got a one of a kind truck, I only saw like 6 or 7 of them here in Albuquerque. So I would always go out in it in the weekends and people would always want to race me. And they would tell me that they liked my truck. And If I would sell it to them and I would always tell them no and so yeah. But one day I was driving to my friend pollos house and I was about to turn in central and the car in front of me stopped out of no where and I kind of wrecked it from the back a little bit and so I stopped and got out of my truck to check it out and my truck a a little dint in it and the other car didn’t have anything. I was so happy that nothing happened to the other car because I forgot my driver’s licenses at the house. So yeah I was all happy that she called it off and she didn’t call the police or eles I would have been in big O trouble…. So I went home and I told my mom what happened and she told me to be careful next time. She took away my truck for like two weeks  I was not happy but then I learned my lesson to be more careful.

                                                                       1990 454SS

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wisdom For My Little Brother

Dear Little Brother,

My life has been good until this day I had a lot of wonderful thing in it. You were one of my biggest things in my life. I probably wouldn’t be here tomorrow so I’m going to tell you important things about life. I left you some money in my room in my socks that will help you get through life. Now my advice from me to you is to finish high school and go off to college. So you succeed in life. I wanted to go to college but I never had the opportunity to go to college. Make sure you study hard in high school so you can be set to go. If you went to collage you would make our family proud. You would be the first one to go to college in our family. Always treat people the way you want to be treated in life. Always treat women with respect, treat them like you treat our mom. Wait until have your children until you finish collage. Don't do drugs because they are bad for you and they would take you off task. Make our mom proud of you. Because you are smart and brave just like our dad.

Monday, May 3, 2010

One Person For A Day

If I could be a person I would pick a celebrity. Because I would like to feel how to be rich and just live life to the fullest. I would like to be Michael Jordan for a day, because he looks like he lives a good life. He has a good career in his life. He played basketball for the Chicago Bulls. He was also one of the best basketball players in the NBA history. Now the reason why I want to be him for a day would be because he looks like the kind of guy that would get a lot of girls when he was in the NBA. Also because he has a lot of money, he can just throw it down the drain if he wanted to. If I was him I would be having the biggest bad-ass party in the US history. I would also have all the dream cars I would ever want. I would built a big 100 mile street so I could as fast as I want in my cars. And I would buy me a lot of guns because I would go hunting for animals in the woods. And I would invite a lot of girls over to my house and do what we got to do…. Ha :) and I would make me the biggest pool in town. Made out of sea -water with real fishes living in the water and I would also have dolphins to. And I would buy me a party bus with a loud system in it and with striper poles. I would go pick up all my friends in it so we can go cruise in it all over Chicago. Then I would like go to another country so give money to the poor. Like I would go to Africa and build schools all over their country. So that they could get a good education in their life. Maybe they would do the same when they get older. Another thing I would do if I was Michael Jordan is go get married and have two kids. I would merry the perfect girl one that knows how to cook clean and raise a child. Then when my kids get older I would teach them how to play basketball so that they could be the same as their dad when they get older. I would also buy them whatever they want if they are doing well in school. I would also buy them a car when they turn 16 or 17 so that they could drive to school and not go in the buses. I would love to live up to my late years because I would like to see my grandchild and I would tell him my history of my life and tell him what’s wrong and what’s right. And take him out like a normal grandpa. And I would buy him little Jordan clothes so that he could also become like his grandpa. Until the day I die I would give them all the stuff I left behind.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Betrayed Eassy

A time when I was betrayed, Was when I was in 9th grade. My friend’s and I were so post to go to six flags. So the day before that we went to my friend Carlos house to go plan everything out. We said that we are going to leave early like at 7 in the morning. And that we had to take our own money to buy our food and drinks over there. So then I went to my house after we planned everything out. So when I was at my house it got late so then I went to sleep so that I could get up early the next day. So it got morning and I got up so I could get ready and walk to my friend’s house. So as I was walking to my friend’s house a big dog was chasing me on my way to my friend’s house. And I tripped on the side walk and I couldn’t walk any more cause I got my hurt leg. So then I call my friend to tell his mom to pick me up. So when she came to pick me up she took me home because I couldn’t stand up or walk. So I call my friend to see if I could still go and he said that they are in their way over there already. So that they couldn’t, so I felt like I got betrayed. Because I was so post to go with them to six flags and ever since I was little I wanted to go there because I would see it in the TV channels and it looked fun. Well the next day my friends got back from six flags and they went to my house and they told me that they weren’t able to ride the rides because they were too small to ride the rides.

What betrayal is, is when you think you can trust a friend when you are doing negative and then that friend turns his/her back on you and tells an adult about what you’re doing and you get caught. Betrayal is a friend who you think is really a true friend then the next moment you can get caught or in trouble for the things you do because that friend you thought you trusted snitched on you. Also, the people that snitch on you is because when you are doing negative the kids that act like they got your back those are the type of kids that act like they want the positive behavior and want the best for what's and who's around that person. People who think they can trust the person who they think has their back their feelings can get emotional like sad , mad, angry or the person that got in trouble might not really care depending on who the person is. Another way is, that you can be the person that betrayal's. There can be a time in life when you might betray a friend or maybe even a person you don’t like. I also think betrayal can be like if you are talking with a big group of kids that you always talk to and you do something that someone can rat on you then anybody in that group of people you were talking to can go tell on you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Time I Was Courageous

Once when I had to courage up and not be afraid was when I was a little kid. When I was 7-8 years old me and my cousins would always go swimming. They would always go to the deep end of the pool and I would stay in the shallow part because I didn’t know how to swim at the time. So the next year when summer came I went to the pool with my dad and he showed me how to swim in the deep. He just told me to swim like a dog, so I did and I learned how to swim. So another day me and my cousins went back to the pool and they told me to go with them to the deep end, so I did. And I didn't tell them that my dad thought me how to swim. So they pushed me in the water and they saw that I knew how to swim because I was doing the doggie paddle that's what I call it. So from there on my cousins started to hang out with me more. And they invited me go swimming with them like every day. So that was a time when I showed courage and I wasn’t afraid to swim.

Letter To My Grandchild

Hey grandchild my name is Hector David Alvarado Nevaerez. Well life right now is pretty hard because my parents were born in Mexico and they don’t have good jobs. They don’t get paid a lot but we have enough to make it through our journey. My advice would be to finish collage and get a good career. A little thing about life where I’m living right now, my parents are waiting until I turn 21 so that I can get them papers so they could be here In the U.S.A. until then I’m studying at Atrisco Heritage Academy. So I can get a good Education in school and I could go off to a good collage. Cause I want to become a vet one day in the future. I’m keeping my hopes up cause I really like to work with animals because I think they play a good thing on our world. Now a little thing about me. . . Our family is catholic we usually go to church once a week like every Sunday. I dress up normal. I like to hang out with my friends and go party like every weekend. I’m not the kind of guy that does drugs and stuff because I don’t get the point in doing that. Plus it’s bad for you so don’t ever do drugs. I like to spend time with my family because they are really important to me. I don’t know what I would do without them to tell you the truth. My advice to you is to never give up even if people tell you, you can’t do it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Movie Blog

If I was to get hired to be in any movie or TV show the movie I would pick is Blind Side. The way I would change the movie in my way is, I would have tried t help my mom stay off of the drugs and help my mom look for a job so we could have a better life and not live off of welfare. Also, I would have related to more people and would have looked for a place to stay right away instead of sleeping in the Laundromat. While I was in school I would have gone to a counselor to find and get some kind of help. Next, they sent him to his grandmas so he had a better place to stay. Once, the grandma got evicted that's when Big Mike went to go stay with his new family. After, the family put Big Mike in a new school that's when they got him counseling and tutors to help him better his life. Once he got his help the family adopted, Big Mike and made him part of their family. Big Mike was happy to be part of their family because he had a bed to sleep on, the family helped him get his license and bought him his own truck, Sense he never had any of these things he had been doing so much better in his life without a mom doing drugs in front of him, without having to sleep in a Laundromat not having to eat whatever he had to find. When Big Mike moved in with his new family, he learned what it was like to have new clothes, new food, and a warm shower and how it felt to have a real family. After they were settled with Big Mike, they taught him how to play football and how to read the plays. Big Mike appreciated everything the family gave him and he gave the family everything he had, and everything he had he gave back with love and joy. When he graduated from high school, he got a scholarship to play football at an Ivy League college.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Statue of Liberty

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Vegans in Vegas, Baby"

I'm impressed with the message that Mercy for Animals chose for their billboard. "If you wouldn't eat a dog, then you shouldn't eat a pig" is a a popular argument used by vegetarians. And it's a valid one, as pigs are similar to dogs in that they're sociable and smart (plus they can feel pain just as easily).

Friday, March 5, 2010

the movie

I like this movie cause it cought my attention. The reason why i like this movie is because it was about when blacks were slaves in the old days. And the whlely collage, which is the black school beat harley which is also a collage the "best white school" in the country. The thing that really cought my attention is that the white people thought that the blacks were not smart. They just wanted them to be strong and dumb so that they could work for them for free

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flower Day by Diego Rivera

When I look at this picture, I see how it was in the older days. I see how they dressed, and how they transported their babies on their backs. They didn't have shoes in the early days. The painting is named "FLOWER DAY." It looks like they were asking the women to give them flowers for something, or it looks like the older women are making some type of  preparations for the two young ladies. I think of this art as a masterpiece, because it's a very beautiful picture. I feel like I connect to this picture, and I would love it, if i could hang it up in the living room of my house. I would consider buying this for my art collection because this painting speaks to me. What do i likeabout this painting? I like that it is very colorful in its own unique way.

Monday, February 22, 2010

my favorite quotes

"Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear (William E. Gladstone, 1866)."

"One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life (Forster E.M)."

"I think we may safely trust a good deal more than we do (Thoreau David)."

"You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough (Crane frank)."

"The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him (Stimson Henry)."

"Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow (Rather dan)."

"Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them (Unknown)."

"A hundred hearts would be too few To carry all my love for you (unknown)."

"The most beautiful view is the one I share with you (Unknown)."

"Never ruin an apology with an excuse (Johnson kimberly)."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Literacy Site

Light in the Darkness Poem

Like a baby coming out of its mother's womb, light comes out of the darkness.   When you walk into an empty room you feel my heart up with joy.  You are like a light in the darkness

Sunrise Haiku

Sunrise feels like the begining of every new day of the morning.

Fiery orange before the cold a time to remember with a chill

Try too reach and touch the sun rise as it peaks threw the mount

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Haiku

Snow looks like a soft clould so white and bright, soft like a cottens balls

Snow is cold like the top of a mountain. wet like a rivers bath and shiny like a gloss

Snow falls like a leaf falling from a tree so soft and slow looking like baby powder